We have a lot of work to do if we're going to make Milwaukee the kind of City we can all be proud of. My plan to get us there is what I affectionately call the "Milwaukee NICE" plan. "NICE" stands for Neighborhood Safety, Infrastructure Repair, City Services, and Economic Opportunity. Scroll down the page to read some of my ideas on how we make Milwaukee the NICE city I know it can be! For even more ideas, be sure to follow me on Facebook!

Neighborhood Safety

Our neighborhoods are the backbone of Milwaukee, and the 8th District is no exception. Unfortunately, issues like car theft, reckless driving, prostitution, drug dealing, vandalism, and rampant litter reduce our quality of life. It's time we changed that.

    • Increased neighborhood traffic enforcement, particularly adjacent to schools/parks
    • Return to neighborhood policing, helping officers build relationships and trust with residents
    • Work with Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) to implement Blueprint for Peace
    • Expand assistance for homeowners on limited or fixed incomes for home repair/code violation remediation
    • Support diversion programs to assist women involved in street prostitution
    • Expand Community Prosecution Unit (CPU) and institute program citywide

Infrastructure Repair

Anyone who's drives in Milwaukee on a regular basis can see that our roads have been severely neglected. Potholes appear faster than they can be filled, and our tires and suspensions pay the price. We have miles of lead pipes that must be replaced, and thousands of houses with lead paint, and they're putting our children at risk. We must do better.

    • Fix our roads - no more deferred maintenance
    • Replace 100% of Milwaukee's lead water lines by 2028
    • Prioritize durability and energy efficiency in all City buildings and construction projects
    • Institute new, less regressive funding mechanisms, allocating increased revenue to infrastructure
    • Facilitate bike and pedestrian use for all new developments

City Services

Our Department of Public Works employees do a tremendous job with the resources they've been given. Unfortunately, they've been short-staffed and under-funded for years, which makes it hard for them to do their jobs as well as they would like. The City's website and IT systems are woefully outdated, making it harder for residents to find the information and services they need in a timely fashion. We can do better!

    • Transition to 100% renewable energy
    • Improve communication and collaboration between City departments (Neighborhood Services, Public Works, etc)
    • Institute more pro-active practices instead of relying on "complaint-based" system
    • Modernize City website and make more user-friendly
    • More predictable, frequent recycling pickup

Economic Opportunity

Everyone in Milwaukee deserves access to a good-paying job. Those with the ingenuity and work ethic to start their own small business should be able to do so, regardless of their background. Those who dream of owning their own home, or who need a little help making needed repairs, deserve a City that works with them to make these things happen. We are all better off when our neighbors succeed!

    • Allow all City residents to "buy in" to the City of Milwaukee Pension System. Check out my Op-Ed on this very topic: CLICK HERE
    • Develop a City of Milwaukee "Green New Deal" as a jobs and sustainability initiative
    • Incentivize affordable housing units for all new rental developments
    • Expand support for local entrepreneurs and existing small business owners
    • Work with WHEDA on alternative housing programs, such as housing cooperatives, community land trusts, etc.
    • Expand local-hiring, living wage, and minority-hiring initiatives for City contracts and private projects receiving City financing
    • Expand transitional jobs programs for workers with barriers to employment, including re-entry post-incarceration